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for Digestive Problems and Other Chronic Conditions

Health Coaching

Elizabeth Smoots can partner with you to provide the coaching you need to fulfill your health goals and desires. Health coaching is available by phone or video chat. Elizabeth has a special interest in functional medicine health coaching for clients with digestive problems, allergies, sensitivities and other chronic conditions. She also welcomes clients who wish to improve any aspect of their health. Click on the link below to learn more about health coaching.

Health Coach

Health Guides

Learn about Allergy Guide, the first in a new series written by Dr. Smoots. Each book in the series focuses on a common health condition and presents the best conventional and alternative approaches for treatment and prevention. Get informed about integrative options that can heal your whole self. This series empowers you to make better health care decisions as you gain knowledge about the full spectrum of evidence-based choices beyond drugs.


Medical Practice

I look forward to getting to know you so we can work together on your health concerns. I’m an integrative/holistic and functional medicine physician and my consultative practice serves people with digestive disorders, allergies or sensitivities & other chronic conditions. In our work together we can explore the root causes of your problems and not just the symptoms. I consult with people located anywhere in Washington state by phone or video chat. Click the button below to learn more about my practice.

Medical Care